Cheap Used Motorcycles for Sale

By ssutherland

We have all been there before: Driving down the road when you see a really cool bike ride by and you think, “If only I could afford one of those”.

While it may be true that sport bikes and motorcycles in general can be very pricey the other truth is that they don’t HAVE to be. There are plenty of ways to score great deals on motorcycles while still getting the one you want. One of the best methods is to research into the cheap used motorcycle market.

When trying to save a little on your motorcycle purchase a good general tip to follow is to NEVER buy brand new bikes straight from the dealer. Obviously there are those out there with enough extra cash lying around to purchase the brand new models but for the rest of us that just isn’t the case. When you buy a brand new model of the showroom floor you are likely paying double or even TRIPLE what you would for a bike that is maybe only a year older and likely of the same build/quality.

So where do you go if you shouldn’t buy new from the dealer? Well a good place to start is in your local newspaper. Check out the motorcycle listings in different newspapers, you’ll likely be surprised at just how many bikes are constantly up for sale. Often times you find that someone bought something that they just couldn’t afford and are now forced to sell it for much less than they paid for to try and regain some lost money. If you really spend some time you can even come across deals where a person bought a brand new bike, the wife didn’t approve of the purchase, and they are now selling it for likely 30-50% off because it has already lost so much value! Keep a sharp eye out for deals like these!

Taking the newspapers a step further you are also free to look on craigslist (be careful though, always deal locally and watch out for scams!). Craigslist often times has the same types of deals you would find in your local newspaper. Finding cheap used motorcycles for sale on craigslist is really one of the easiest methods.

A final and more in depth method is to learn the insider deals when it comes to government seized auctions. These auction lists are for motorcycles, cars, etc. that have been taken by the government and are now being put of for sale for much lower prices than you can find almost anywhere else. You can learn more about these types of auctions with a quick Google search or you can visit Sheriff Auctions, a place where they handle most of what I was discussing for you.

The most important thing to remember in all of this though is that no matter what type of motorcycle you are buying or where you are buying it from, always be careful and cautious when doing so. Make sure that the bike is in good condition and doesn’t have any hidden damage that you will be surprised with later. Also be sure to deal with people locally and keep an eye out for scammers!

To recap, you can score cheap used motorcycles the following ways:

  • Dealing locally using newspaper listings
  • Using Craigslist to further your search
  • Making use of government auctions and sites such as Sheriff Auctions to find cheap seized motorcycles.
Remember, if you have any questions or just want to shoot me a message feel free to anytime!
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  1. Ben says:

    Good suggestions! I recently purchased a Ducati bike off of eBay as it was going for a good price, it needs tweaks here and there but I was expecting that! You can grab some good deals on here but it is always risky as you cannot be 100% sure on what you are getting! Always a good idea to contact the seller and ask if you can go see it.