Best Sport Bike Brand?

Posted: 1st July 2011 by Shannon in Reviews

I often hear people talk about sport bikes and which company makes the best line of them. With each of the major players offering very nice products how can you truly tell the difference on who is producing the best brand of sport bike? Let’s break it down:


Honda motorcycles have always been a very stable and reliable choice as the production quality is top notch. They are usually a little cheaper than some other makes of sport bike and they have better resale value than most motorcycles which can be a very nice bonus as motorcycles lose value fairly rapidly. Honda sport bikes are definitely nice too look at as well, sporting some very aggressive style especially in the CBR production line. One drawback is the fact that while generally cheaper to begin with, spare parts for a Honda motorcycle can be rather pricey.


When it comes to the latest advances in technology and always pushing the envelope look no further than Yamaha. While this make of motorcycle may not be as high ranking in the quality as it’s Honda competitor it is definitely not far behind.  What it lacks with a slight lag in fuel economy compared to others, it more than makes up for with wonderful styling, impressive technology, and some of the fastest open class sport bikes available. Take the R1 for example, it weighs less than a 600cc did a few years back and is completely track worthy. Yamaha’s downside: Typically the most expensive of the bunch.


Suzuki for many is the first brand they think of when talking about motorcycles. This is primarily thanks to the extremely popular GSXR series.  Suzuki has created a sport bike that looks amazing, has plenty of power and technology behind it, and yet still affordable for almost any rider.  On the opposite end of the spectrum you have the Hayabusa which is one heck of a machine when talking about some serious power.  However, many people (including myself) are not into that bigger body super sport so this type of motorcycle is just not an option.  While Suzuki bikes are definitely great, they aren’t always for those looking for something more original.


Kawasaki motorcycles tend to have a love it or hate it attitude towards them.  Riders either truly like the style and new ideas put forth by Kawasaki or they find them to be completely off putting.  One thing is for sure, Kawasaki is always one to think outside of the box. From bright green color schemes to completely beefed up naked bikes, Kawasaki is not afraid to get out there.  Because of these factors sometimes people refer to Kawasaki motorcycles as being a “younger” person’s bike as they are the demographic more likely to be looking for something powerful and edgy.


Something important to remember though is the fact that these very minor differences will almost never even be noticed by majority of riders. Unless you are a completely hardened sport bike enthusiast with tons of riding experience, you will likely just want something cool and fun to drive.

Whatever you are into as long as you enjoy it that’s all that matters!

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  1. Damon Vahed says:

    thank you so much for your good information . I have some question about motor bike .
    I want to buy motor cycle for daily use . I want to know witch type of motor cycle is better between Cruiser bike and sport bike . I want to know maintenance and gas burn of witch one is less than other one . In fact i want to know witch brand of anyone is better .
    I really need your help , because i don’t have any experience about Bike .
    Thank you so much .
    I’m waiting for your answer .